Planning a

Bachelor Party

in Montreal?

Planning a Bachelor Party in Montreal?

Planning a bachelor party in Montreal

So youʼre planning a Bachelor Party in Montreal – The time for your bachelor party has arrived- and youʼve decided to celebrate in Montreal. Now that the location has been set, it is time to plan the actual trip. In a thriving city like Montreal, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few tips and suggestions of what to do, see and plan for while there. 

The options in the stunning city of Montreal are endless, and are sure to provide your Bachelor group with hours of fun and scintillating entertainment. Though it might be hard to hit all the stops mentioned above, we recommend lining up as much as you can to fully indulge in all that joie de vivre (joy of life) that Montreal is famous for. 

Avoir Du Plaisir (Have Some Fun)

Grab a cold one and settle in to watch the Montreal Canadians battle it out against other NHL teams during Hockey season. With 23 Stanley Cups under their belt, their games are some of the most exciting in the league. Afterwards, check out La Distillerie for some strong drinks, or visit some of the historical areas of the city like St Catherine or McLeanʼs Pub.

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Visit the Infamous Strip Clubs

Montreal Strip Clubs have a legacy almost as famous as the Montreal Canadians Hockey Team. With so many to choose from, the best bet is to do your research- but Club Wandaʼs is prime real estate for Bachelor Parties. Club Cleopatraʼs is the O.G. of strip joints, while Solid Gold is another Bachelor friendly stopping point.

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Check out some Nightclubs

If you are looking for a little taste of Vegas, New City Gas club is known for its EDM music- but be warned: it is more of a rave and less of a place to simply sip drinks. St. Laurent Street is great for general debauchery and the perfect place to wander in and out of clubs or bars.

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Daytime Downtime

If you hit Montreal during the warmer seasons, the beaches can be a great place to spend some downtime. Ile Saint Helene is a man-made beach where tourists can soak up the (rare) rays. 45 minutes away from the main hub of Montreal is a naked beach- the perfect answer to anyone who doesnʼt want to pay for the strip club. Oka is a great alternative- but keep in mind if you opt for the clothing optional route- you will be surrounded by your bros sans swim trunks. The restaurants are unreal- serving Canadian staples like Poutine and fancier dishes like Fois Gras. Try to eat at a new place for every meal, as you donʼt want to miss out on the incredible tastes of the city. You can also do any of the gentlemanʼs activities like Golfing, or get a little crazy and visit the paintball or go-kart companies.

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Beachclub Day Party

Don't come to Montreal and miss out on the biggest outdoor complex in North America with a 10,000 person capacity! With an all-day party featuring a cable wakepark and the top destination for electronic music.

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