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Planning a Bachelor Party in Niagara Falls?

Planning a Bachelor Party in Niagara Falls? Niagara Falls has long been a coveted destination for families and couples looking to spend some time surrounded by the majestic falls. However, Niagara is has more recently begun to attract a different selection of visitors, including Bachelor parties looking for an adventure soaked (pardon the pun) holiday. If you’re planning your bachelor getaway, consider Niagara Falls– the options are endless and it will be a trip your group will never forget.

To Fill the Days

Niagara offers world class golf with courses designed by PGA designers. Gun ranges and axe throwing will get the adrenaline pumping, while wine tasting in Niagara wine country will add a hint of sophistication to the trip. Hire a driver to take you around the famous wineries, learning about the different variations and sipping your way through the day.

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As Evenings Set In

The Casino is a lure for a night of drinking and gambling. Brewery tours at some of the local breweries will add a splash of excitement, getting the group ready for a night on the town. Many places offer live music, creating a great atmosphere all around. Comedy clubs or karaoke are a different approach to the typical bachelor night out.

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Late Nights

Nightclubs such as L3,Club Se7en or Dragonfly. Club Se7evn is renowned for its posh interior and high end clientele, perfect for VIP feel on your night out. Dragonfly boasts an Asian style décor with a playful twist, with VIP Bottle and table service available to put an exotic spin on the night. L3 is known for the incredible atmosphere- with theme parties and live music every week. All of these clubs create the quintessential vibe for a big celebration.

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Strip Clubs

If you are wanting to add a staple of any bachelor party to the agenda, make sure to check out The Sundowner or Mints. Thirty years of business has made the Sundowner a famous hotspot for adult entertainment. Mint provides an upscale décor that adds a hint of sophistication to a wild night, allowing patrons to come and enjoy premier adult entertainment. Book a night at the clubs followed by one of these incredible venues to create the perfect evening out on the town.

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No matter what kind of trip you’re looking to indulge while celebrating your last nights of freedom, Niagara offers a multitude of options to suit any preferences. Check out our packages when planning a bachelor party in Niagara Falls to help plan the ultimate bachelor party and make it a trip to remember.

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