Planning a

Bachelor Party

in Toronto?

Planning a Bachelor Party in Toronto?

Planning a Bachelor Party Toronto

So youʼre planning a Bachelor Party in Toronto– now it is time to plan the adventures that await. With so much choice throughout the city, it can be daunting to create an itinerary that includes a little taste of everything, while also giving the group what they want. The good news is, we are here to help you plan your bachelor party in Toronto. Below we have compiled a list of ideas for any day and nighttime activities that ensures your group will get the best of everything Toronto has to offer.

Let the inner kid out

Toronto has always been a city ahead of the trends, and it continues to come up with new and different ways to enjoy a day out. Gather the group and start the morning or afternoon off with a rousing game of paintball or a little round of axe throwing or embrace your inner hulk by smashing up plates, furniture and even lawn ornaments at Battle Sports. Hey- everyone needs to just let loose and hulk smash sometimes.

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Tour the city

Toronto has every kind of tour imaginable, so it is no wonder they offer Gin and Whiskey tours throughout the cityʼs best bars and lounges. Food tours are available for those foodies who want to sample a little of everything, but the Whiskey and Gin Tours aren't for the faint of heart- hours of sipping and sauntering through the streets of Toronto is sure to leave everyone a little light on their feet. If whiskey or gin isnʼt your ‘thing,ʼ check out the craft breweries that can be found all around the city, where tastings are offered daily.

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Check out a hockey game- eh?

Granted hockey is the first sport that comes to mind when you think of the Great White North, but there are actually many different sports teams to be seen and cheered for in Toronto. Depending on the season, your group could catch a basketball game where the infamous Raptors reign supreme, or even watch the Blue Jays bat some home runs. Toronto is home to some of the most impressive and best teams in the world, so grab some tickets to any of their renowned sports teams and enjoy a fresh cold brew while watching history in the making. Toronto is also the home to Hockey Hall of Fame so do not stroll through without seeing some of the greats!

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Party it up like Drake

Thereʼs no question whether or not Toronto can keep up with the other Bachelor party destinations: the answer is always yes. Any city that produces the amount of singers, rappers and star actors/actresses is sure to have a thriving party scene, and Toronto is no exception. Check out a bar crawl through the city to get a little sample of some of the top bars and clubs around town, or simply pick from one of the hundreds of clubs the Entertainment District offers and party it up VIP style with a private booth and bottles. There is so much choice, no bachelor group will ever leave Toronto without a story about one (or several) of the nights spent partying in the ultimate Canadian destination.

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These are only just a few choices when planning a bachelor party in Toronto. Toronto continues to grow its tourism market, so keep a constant eye out for new and upcoming excursions, adventures and enticing options to create the ultimate bachelor vacation. No matter what the agenda holds, we can assure you it will be a trip to remember!

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