Planning a

Bachelor Party?

Planning a Bachelor Party?

Planning a bachelor party? There are many questions one may have when planning a bachelor party to remember.

How do you plan a bachelor party?
What should I do for a bachelor party?
Where should I go for my bachelor party?
How much should a bachelor party cost?
What is done in a bachelor party?
Who do you invite to a bachelor party?
What is the best bachelor party destination?
What do I bring to a bachelor party?
How do you plan a destination bachelor party?

The idea of planning a bachelor party should be many things: exciting, hilarious, enjoyable… but one thing it should not be is daunting. Although the stakes to make it a trip that no one, especially the groom, will ever forget, the pressure to plan the perfect getaway should neither break the bank nor stress all those involved out. So how does one organize the ultimate boys trip that will please everyone from grandpa to the youngest generations of the family, and how do you decide who to bring along? Weʼve compiled all the information you could need to give the bachelor a week or weekend he will never forget- or one he might not want to remember.

There are a few questions the leader of the planning committee should ask before jumping right in to planning a last hoorah for his best friend. A good rule of thumb is to decide who all will be invited, to better help get an idea of destinations that will suit everyoneʼs needs and preferences. Sure, it’s fair to assume itʼll be a rage of a boys holiday, but the truth is normally both the groomʼs father and the father of the bride should be invited, at least to a portion of the Bachelor party. Grandfathers are dependent on the plans, so if it is going to be a weekend of debauchery in Mexico, it might be better to also plan a social dinner party for another time. The bachelor party is also a good time to invite people who may not be coming to the wedding, as it gives them a chance to celebrate with the group. This may be ideal for small or destination weddings, since it is harder to include everyone. (As a side note, make sure that everyone invited will ‘mesh,ʼ meaning that some people may need to be pulled aside to discuss decorum around older or more conservative family members.)

If you donʼt want to be dragged down by planning exactly who is coming, or a destination was already on the cards, roll with that. Weekend bachelor parties that get everyone out of town and away from their everyday lives and responsibilities are what memories are made of- so why not go big? Although cities like Miami, Austin, New Orleans, San Diego and Las Vegas are popular for bachelor parties, the options are endless. Cities like Montreal or Toronto offer a taste of everything from sports, high end restaurants and clubs, local and eclectic bars and tons of outdoor activities. Cancun or Playa del Carmen offer groups the chance to enjoy a beach holiday on a great budget, while still allowing for all the perks of tropical getaways. When it comes to paying for the bachelor party, it is common for the groomsmen to cover the bachelor if the shindig is taking place somewhere local or nearby to all involved. For destination getaways, the groom should cover his own airfare and lodgings, unless some of the group is flush for cash and wants to throw down. There is nothing wrong in everyone covering their own expenses, allowing for more activities and fun in the sun once away. The best man is typically in charge of organizing the group, but ideas from everyone will help to make it even more memorable.

Pricing can vary for bachelor parties, especially when heading out of town. The range is between $1200-$2000, but this is all dependent on time of year, length of stay, etc. These prices were based on a 3 day stay, with cities like Las Vegas actually coming out on the lower end of costs and New York being the pricier option. With options like AirBnB, however, costs can sometimes be cut by renting a house and bunking up. The other perk of being part of the bachelor group is that gifts are necessarily expected, therefore more money can be spent on social aspects.

In true Hangover fashion, having a bachelor blowout the night (or even the weekend) before the wedding is a huge no- there is no telling what shenanigans the group will get up to, and more often than not one man is always lost or left behind after a heavy night of partying. The party should typically be thrown a minimum of 3 weeks out from the big day, allowing for plenty of recovery time, while also providing extra padding should the groom get too messy and come back with any extracurricular facial additions.

A bachelor party is the pinnacle of every groupʼs friendship. After years of being there for each other through thick and thin, the groom is about to start a new adventure with his wife to be, who hopefully everyone likes. If not, it could be the last time you see him… (we joke). Regardless, his last weekend of freedom should be epic, solidifying your bond and his memories of his last days of (metaphorical) singledom (not a word). While planning it should be a blast, it should also be thought out to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimal room for mistakes. Follow our recommendations for creating the ultimate bachelor party, and watch your status as the groomʼs best men and squad skyrocket to legendary proportions.

Planning a Bachelor Party

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