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Las Vegas

Top 10 Clubs Las Vegas

Top 10 Nightclubs Las Vegas

Top 10 Clubs Las Vegas – Home to some of the most incredible nightclubs in the world, with no shortage of glitz, glam and wow factor. Ranging from rooftop settings to huge three story venues, the city of sin boasts a jaw dropping variety of hip hop and EDM clubs, ensuring guests will be blown away by the sheer enormity of them.

With so much to choose from, it can be daunting to pick out where to start, but no choice is the wrong one, and you are sure to be dazzled by the awesome music, bright lights and impressive decor that makes these clubs the best of the best.

No matter which club you choose to start your Vegas adventure in, you will be thrilled by the sheer proportions, technology and ornamentation that sets these clubs at a standard beyond which many others can reach. Vegas continues to set the bar for nightlife, and these clubs will show you exactly why- so make sure to visit as many as you can while visiting.

We promise you wonʼt regret checking them all of your list. Vegas is the top 2020 destination for bachelor bachelorette and spring break parties so get to know the best of the best with the Top 10 Clubs Las Vegas

Here is our list of the Top 10 Clubs Las Vegas

1. XS, Las Vegas

Tope 10 Clubs Las Vegas #1! What can we even say about XS- it is simply incredible. With an array of rooms and areas to explore, the first few hours of the club are spent just walking around and taking it all in. From the aqua pools that fill the outdoor area to the cushioned couches that surround them, XS embodies luxury, Upstairs and downstairs private cabanas offer a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the crowds that fill the club, while the indoor rooms hum with the beat from the speaker system, making your body feel like it is part of the venue itself. In the summers XS also features a night swim on Sundays, changing the vibe from ultra high end club to an Ibiza infused nighttime paradise, allowing guests to dance in their club attire or listen to the world renowned DJs from the pools refreshing waters.

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2. Omnia, Las Vegas

Omnia is the quintessential Vegas club experience. Not only does it reign in DJ line ups, the technology behind the light and sound system is mind blowing. A towering chandelier that does everything from wind up and down in sync with the rhythms of the music, emits blasts of oxygen so thick a cloud settles over the crowd, amping up the energy even more, and plays a laser show the syncs with the DJʼs chart topping hits. Upstairs a rooftop terrace looks over the twinkling strip, allowing guests to soak up the warm desert air and sip cocktails to a different (but just as enticing) DJ set.

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3. Hakkasan, Las Vegas

A multitude of rooms that you could easily (and happily) get lost in, Hakkasan club is exactly that: a maze of rooms ranging from Eastern inspired lounges to a huge amphitheater style that features the likes of Tiesto, Calvin Harris and more. Elevators whisk guests between floors, dropping them at the coveted Ling Ling room to take in some Hip Hip and top 40 bangers before heading into the main room, where the EDM DJs reign supreme. Impressive light shows, jets of oxygen sure to invigorate the senses and spectacular sound systems keep Hakkasan at the top of the nightlife game.

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4) Kaos, Las Vegas

A new player to the Vegas game, Kaos has made a place for itself among the other nightclub titans. Featuring an indoor and outdoor dance floor, this venue is sheer size and volume. Nestled where the old Palms pool used to be, the giant statue that greets you when you walk in is enough to stop guests in their tracks. Pools spanning the entire outdoor portion of the club (both down on the main floor and smaller private pools up above) reflect warm blue waters that cast the lights of the club agains the walls, making the whole place swim with colour. Headliner DJs play there regularly, matching their eclectic styles of music with the wild and fabulous artistic architecture that sets this club apart from all the rest.

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5) Drais, Las Vegas

One of the only full rooftop clubs, Drais is a step beyond inventive nightlife. The ‘patioʼ area, which is almost half of the venue itself, overlooks the strip, with views of Paris, Bellagio and Caesars Hotels. The main pool runs the length of the outdoor floor, with palm trees standing sentinel along the edges, giving the whole thing an oasis-type feel. Inside, a huge disco ball style chandelier changes colours and shades to match the Hip Hop performers hits that Drais has become known for.

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6) Light, Las Vegas

As the name insinuates, Light is a spectacular show of lights and sounds that are meant to ignite the senses, all while providing a stage focused arena for top DJs and performers. Tiers of table areas mean more room for dancing on the main floor, and the stage can be seen from anywhere in the venue, with huge LED screens dominating the entire front wall so that everyone can be awed by the impressive light shows.

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7) Marquee, Las Vegas

Another lavish club that offers both an indoor and outdoor venue style, Marquee in infamous for its world renowned DJ sets and impressive set up. Several rooms jut off from the main room, giving guests ample space to dance and wander around to take in all the sights and sounds. The outdoor area provides a change of scenery for anyone looking to take in the Vegas strip, while still being able to enjoy the iconic beats coming from within the club.

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8) Tao, Las Vegas

A New York staple brought to Vegas years ago, Tao still reigns supreme on the nightlife top 10 list. Mixing Eastern Bhuddist themescapes with a modern twist, this lively club is home to many of the coveted Hip Hop acts and performers. Two dance spaces allow plenty of room for throwing shapes, while the Opium Lounge gives guests a respite to sip their handcrafted cocktails.

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9) Jewel, Las Vegas

The entrance alone is impressive enough for an Insta post, but once inside Jewelʼs doors, the club itself honors the name. Lavish decor (think leather and granite) give the feeling of opulence, while the huge DJ list continues to draw crowds in week after week. A multitude of screens gives a rousing display, allowing everyone in the club to get lost in the lights and sounds.

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10) Chateau, Las Vegas

An older name in the game, donʼt be fooled by the lack of publicity. A Vegas gem, Chateau offers both luxury and wild abandon in one, providing guests with a playground in which to dance, drink and be seen, all set under the iconic Eiffel Tower. Enjoy the night sky and great Hip Hip/ top 40 tracks while sipping delicious cocktails, even catching sneak peaks of big names in music and celebrity elites.

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