Cancun - Treasures of the Caribbean

Cancun Holidays – Ancient Mayan ruins, sparkling azure water and radiant soft white sand are just a few reasons Cancun is considered a tropical paradise at the heart of the Mexican coast. Epic daytime excursions will keep visitors immersed in the cultural wonders of this city nestled along the Caribbean Sea, while intoxicating nightlife, clubs and bars excite and impress, keeping a steady stream of parties running from dusk ʼtil dawn. The surrounding jungles are host to historical mysteries and legends that have endured the test of time, and as the sun sets over the ocean the beachside bungalows come to life, with ice cold beers ready for the drinking. Cruise the crystalline waters on jet skis or kayaks, or just enjoy the warm sunshine as it basks the beach in its warmth.


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•   To save a bit of money while in Cancun, try eating locally- meaning eat wherever you see local residents eating rather than spending more on a ‘touristyʼ spot. The food is probably just as incredible, for half the cost.

•   In order to avoid exchange rates that will put a dent in your budget, pay for everything in pesos- the national currency there. Although most places accept US dollars, the rate of exchange is awful and if youʼre visiting from other countries it will likely rack up fees on your card.

•   If you are after the cheapest time to travel to Cancun, it would be in the months of August and September, however these are considered Hurricane Season, so plan wisely. The best months to travel to Cancun weather wise are January to April

•   Most people know Cerveza means beer in Spanish, but here are a few more phrases that might help while traveling in Cancun:

Que Tal translates to ‘how are youʼ

Agua embotellada- this is fairly important one as it means ‘bottled waterʼ- most people also know not to drink the tap water in Mexico.

Farmacia- ideal for anyone who needs a pharmacy, as that is what it translates to.


•   You can explore world-famous Mayan ruins, caves and jungles around Cancun.

•   Cancun has amazing beach parties, club crawls and party boats.

•   Cancun has some of the best scuba diving spots in its crystal clear Caribbean waters.

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•   Cancun’s nightclubs often have long queues of people waiting to get inside, but it’s worth the wait. The most popular clubs are Coco Bongo, The City and Mandala and many clubs sell open bar bracelets, so you pay an entry fee and drink all night. If you’re looking to visit more than one nightclub in a night it’s best to inquire about one of our club hopping tours.


•   Hello – Hola
•   Beer – Cerveza
•   Thanks – Gracias


•   The white sand beaches of Cancun are made from none other than crushed coral.

•   The Great Mayan Barrier Reef in Cancun is the second largest coral reef in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

•   Cancun is home to three of the largest underwater cave systems in the world.


•   Water outside the hotel zone is generally not purified, so best to stick to bottled water, they have domestic brands which are cheap.

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•   Beer – 30-50 Pesos

•   Lunch – 90-120 Pesos

•   Club – 1000+ Pesos



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