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bachelor party ideas
Bachelor Party Ideas - When planning a Bachelor Party, there are certain things to take into account. Finding a location that provides all the guest, and mainly the Bachelor, with activities and memories that will last a lifetime is important- be it a tropical holiday along the Mexican coastlines where the group can spend their days soaking up the sun and drinking ice cold beers in the evenings, or a city getaway filled with clubbing, eating and drinking your way through. Adventure themed Bachelor parties offer everyone the chance to channel their inner adrenaline junky, partaking in wake boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing or scuba diving, all of which can be found at any of the beach city destinations. Landlocked trips still provide plenty of options for thrills, like zip lining through forests, helicopter tours or dune buggies rides through open desert terrain. The evenings on any Bachelor getaway are filled with just as many options- nightlife tours that sample a little of all the clubs and bars have to offer, or table service in some of the most exquisite clubs in the world. Pool parties by day and lavish venues by night will ensure everyone gets to experience the ultimate VIP experience, with half the stress of booking and planning every detail. Epic Holidays ensures every aspect of your Bachelor Party is taken care of, meaning all you have to do is show up- and indulge.
Epic Holidays arranges the most awesome bachelor party packages to the hottest party destinations with tones of freebies and VIP treatment. If your group is about to lose one of the boys, the least you can do is send him off with a bang and give him a bachelor party to remember. We specialize in organizing the best bachelor party packages full of fun activities, entertainment and adventure,  so you know that we will plan a holiday you’ll talk about for years. With over ten years of experience in organizing bachelor parties for thousands of grooms-to-be all over the world, we’ll tailor your trip or experience to your budget that will be memorable so contact us today!

Top 5 Bachelor Party Ideas

  • Party Club Crawl
  • Bachelor Boat Party
  • Day Club Pool Party
  • Brewery Tour
  • Axe Throwing

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How Should I Plan a Bachelor Party?

Pick a Destination & Date

Pick 3 destinations based on the bachelor's interests and present them to him.  A local option, a fun getaway, and an all-out option. The date should be at least 6 weeks in advance and it is advisable to avoid any major holidays. If you pick an overseas destination you can expect fewer people to come. All the ideas for bachelor parties go to a vote and the most votes win or simply put them all in a hat for something random. Las Vegas, San Diego, Miami, Montreal and Austin are the top picks.

bachelor party ideas

Where are you staying?

Depending on the place, it’s really a hostel/hotel/house argument here.  In a house, you have everyone together and bonding happens more organically and it can be cheaper but the sleeping situation is harder and you have to clean up or leave it in a mess. 15 guys sharing a house gets pretty dirty quickly. Hotels are the best option as they are centrally located so you are closer to the action. They normally have pools so you can meet girls and have a fun atmosphere. A hotel is kept clean and it also means you have a chance for that 5 min power nap and a clean shower to freshen up before another big night out. A Hostel is your cheapest option and a lot of fun as you meet international travellers and there is always a bar on site for a wild night.

The guest list

Inevitably, the Bachelor will be over-confidently and assume everyone will come but this not the case so tell him to be realistic and aim for 10-15 people.  Any more and you usually have to split up tables at meals and bars.  Invite 20 people and expect around 10-15. Get everyone to pay $20 early on to see who is really coming.

bachelor party ideasDoes it Clash?

Decide on the date early! The guys all live busy, action-packed lives and the bachelor will be busy in the run-up to the wedding so make sure you avoid any clashes by booking in advance.
  • Does it clash with other events or Weddings? Birthdays? Planned Events?
  • Is there anything going on that day/weekend you should be aware of?
  • Is it a public holiday?

Book Early

Group discounts are available if you plan ahead and a lot of companies offer 'pay later' options like Epic Holidays. Best to book with a travel agent so it is locked in at a cheaper rate.

Create a Facebook page or WhatsApp group

Get some group banter happening and start coming up with fun Bachelor party ideas.  Make sure you get everyone on the list and start a fun topic to get everyone involved.

bachelor party ideas


It is best to book your activities in advance so there is an actual plan or what happens is that everyone argues and you just end up in the pub all day. Booking in paintball or go-karting in the day is a great way for everyone to bond and also create lots of banter for the night out. It is advisable to not overbook though so a rule of thumb is book 1 activity per day and a club crawl/strip show max in a day. Book any activity past lunchtime as a night out with the boys is always heavier and later than you think. Epic Holidays have are tones of fun, so get in touch and we can create a custom package.

Get a deposit

Make sure you get a small commitment from everyone and book in advance so people can plan with work, family and the wife/partner.

Finer Detail

The difference between average and EPIC Bachelor Parties is often in the detail. Think ahead and try to cover as many bases as early as possible to set the bachelor up with the best weekend. Other things to consider when finalizing your best bachelor party ideas;
  • Bachelor party games
  • Bachelor dares and challenges
  • Activity & evening dress codes
  • Fancy dress
  • Places to eat
  • Transport arrangements
  • Check in / check out times

Travel Advice

Epic Holidays offer free travel advice so feel free to call or email anytime.

Ask The Bachelor Party Experts

Ask the experts that have been doing it for years. Our team are always happy to help and there are very few questions we haven't had before. With 10 years of experience, we know a thing or two about building perfect bachelor parties and we know that this isn't just any weekend. This is a weekend of awesome proportions and getting it right is crucial and we're happy to help make that happen.

Bachelor Party Games

There are lots of great bachelor party games to play so make sure you check out our blog for more ideas.

Check List

  • Pick the date
  • Check it doesn't clash with a cup final
  • Choose the destination
  • Decide on the budget
  • Get all the guests to commit
  • Keep everyone updated with plans
  • Checklist the small stuff (transport, food, etc)
  • Get a bachelor company to do the hard work for you.

If you need more information then check out our Top 10 Bachelor Party ideas blog post. 

Top Bachelor Ideas

We have an exciting and enthralling range of bachelor party ideas just waiting for you. We take all the stress away from the best man so that you and your friends can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Las vegas packages
If you need more information then check out our Top 10 Bachelor Party Ideas blog post







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