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Work Trips Spending nearly everyday with your coworkers builds friendships and bonds that should be celebrated and acknowledged. Taking trips outside your office or workspace together should offer opportunities for everyone to get to know each other even better, exploring both the relationships through work and what makes them tick outside of the office. So what better way to thank your employees or build those networks than to see the world together? City escapes filled with days wandering the busy streets, eating incredible cuisine, sipping craft beers or cocktails and taking in the sights can provide a great getaway destination. If everyone wants a more relaxed holiday vibe, why not visit one of the many beach destinations filled with sunny days in the waters and evenings dancing to live bands under the stars. For a taste of both worlds, explore cities that offer outdoor adventures during the days and mind blowing nightlife- legendary DJs whipping crowds into a frenzy with their world famous music while waitresses cater to your every need at a cabana or table in prestigious clubs. With a mix of personalities and preferences, finding that dream vacation to suite everyone’s needs can be hard, but with Epic Holiday’s endless lists of activities, adventures and indulgence, not only is there something for everyone, but the excitement and fun had on the work trips we provide will ensure everyone at the office will be talking about them for years- or at least until the next one! Epic Holidays specialize in all types of work trips to the best relaxing and party destinations so you can sit back and relax and forget about work and party while we arrange everything. Say bye to your boss for a few nights or a week or heck, bring them with! The best thing about Epic Holidays is we have local contacts so your group is treated like a VIP so contact us today!
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Work Trips

Work Trips - How to plan?

1. Pick a Destination & Date

Pick 3 destinations and have a group vote.  A local option, a fun getaway, and an all-out option. The date should be at least 6 weeks in advance and it is advisable to avoid any major holidays. If you pick an overseas destination you can expect fewer people to come. The most popular netball trip destinations are Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego and Cancun.

2. Where are you staying

Depending on the place, it’s really a hostel/hotel/house argument here.  In a house, you have everyone together and bonding happens more organically and it can be cheaper but the sleeping situation is harder and you have to clean up or live in a mess. 15 employees sharing a house gets pretty dirty quickly especially when it's not the office! Hotels are the best option as they are centrally located so you are closer to the action. They normally have pools so you can meet people and have a fun atmosphere. A hotel is kept clean and it also means you have a chance for that 5 min power nap and a clean shower to freshen up before another big night out. A Hostel is your cheapest option and a lot of fun as there is normally a bar and lots of young people to party with. Everyone can also share a large room so it brings the price down.

3. Book Early

Group discounts are available if you plan ahead and a lot of companies offer 'pay later' options like Epic Holidays so at least reserve ASAP. Work Trips

4. Keep it simple

Get the per person price for flights, transfers, accommodation and activities. Split the payment into an early deposit and then final full payment 60 days prior. Let a grad trip company like Epic Holidays take care of all the hassles so you can all just celebrate and enjoy the festivities. Epic Holidays offer lots of extra freebies for everyone!

5. Create a Facebook or WhatsApp group!

Get some group banter happening and start coming up with fun ideas for the Work Trip.  Make sure you get everyone on the list and start a fun topic to get everyone involved. This a great place to come up with all the Work Trips ideas to make it a memorable experience.
Work Trips

5. Activities/Drinking

It is best to book your activities in advance so there is an actual plan or what happens is that everyone argues over what to do for hours. Epic Holidays has tons of fun grad trips ideas to choose from like club crawls and boat parties with VIP club entry.

6. Get a deposit

It's best if you get a small deposit from everyone that is coming so you can start to book it in before the price goes up or all the best party places book out. Epic Holidays only need a $250 deposit so aim to get this so we can block out the flights & accommodation.

8. Have a blast

Epic Holidays have heaps of awesome Work Trip ideas so you are in very safe hands.  




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